Gyuto Monastery: Calm and Serene Ambience


While coming back from the Norbulingka Institute, I searched internet just to confirm whether I have covered everything or not. While searching I found another interesting thing which was only 3 Km far from Norbulingka and that was the Gyuto monastery. Thank God! I searched the internet one last time before coming back from Norbulingka otherwise I would have skipped this monastery. So, talking about Gyuto monastery, it is a place located in Sidhbhari which is also a small suburb of Dharamshala. It is just 3 km from Sidhpur where Norbulingka Institute is located. If you haven’t read about my article on Norbulingka then click below and read about my amazing experience there:

Norbulingka: A cradle of Tibetan art and culture

Gyuto monastery


Gyuto monastery in Dharamshala is a beautiful structure. Gyuto monastery is one of the main monasteries where Tantric education in given to the Buddhist students. Tantrism is one of the greatest sources of attraction of this monastery. Gyuto this monastery is spreading the ancient knowledge of Tantrism among the young growing monks in a way that it should only be utilized to help the common folks in time of distress. Gyuto monastery is one of the main tantric colleges of Gelug tradition.  In Tibet, students who have completed their education in Geshe studies (it is a Tibetan Buddhist academic degree) are invited to join Gyuto or Gyume monastery for further studies where they are taught about Tantric practices.

Gyuto monastery

Both these monasteries were established in Lhasa but now they have been shifted to India. During the time of Chinese invasion in 1950 there were about 1000 monks who were part of the Gyuto monastery. On 21st March 1959, when Dalai Lama had left for exile in India, 60 monks from Gyuto monastery also fled with Dalai Lama. The first Gyuto monastery was established in Tenzin Gang, in Arunachal Pradesh. Now the main monastery is based in Sidhbhari, Dharamshala. In 1989, the stone pillar was established in Sidhbhari and its construction ended in 1996. The Gyuto structure is so huge and well maintained. One can easily sit and meditate there. This monastery is also known as the school of the holder of sacred knowledge.

Gyuto monastery


As soon as I left Norbulingka, I drove directly to Gyuto monastery. It was so near that I reached the place in couple of minutes. Do follow Google map for this because its gate is so narrow that one would hardly recognize that it’s a monastery. You can park your car easily. There’s a huge parking area available in front of the monastery. As you’ll enter the monastery you’ll find a very big infrastructure all in yellow colour. There’s a good amount of greenery all over the place which makes this place more beautiful than ever. On the front there’s the main Buddhist temple and the hostels revolve all around the monastery.

Gyuto monastery

There are also some residents living there. The temple complex is located on the hilltop that provides an amazing view of the Dhauladhar range and the Beas River. The best thing about this place is that it is less crowded so you can spend some great time there. The place is so calm and serene ambience which makes you get immersed in yourself. The day when I visited there, lectures were going on and the monk students were chanting some of their religious mantras. The positive vibes that we get inside the monastery can’t be described they can only be experienced.


  • GYUTO SCHOOL: Gyuto School is one of the main parts of Gyuto monastery. On May 9th, his holiness the Dalai Lama inaugurated the Gyuto School in Gyuto monastery. This school is for both for the young monks as well as for the Geshe students. English and Science are the main subjects in this school. Gyuto School was founded in 2005 in order to make the Buddhist students aware of the traditional knowledge as well as the modern world knowledge. This School mainly runs on the funds and donations and is registered under the Karnataka government.
  • GYUTO LIBRARY: Gyuto library was founded in 2000 with the same aim to meet the needs of monk students with the modern day education. The library consists consist of two section mainly one with all modern books and other with the books related to the history and culture of Tibet. Most of the books are written in Tibet language which is very hard for us to understand. There the students also get CD’s of Dalai Lama’s lectures which they can play on PC’s.

Gyuto Monastry

  • GYUTO TEMPLE:  The Gyuto temple is located in the front. There is a huge Buddha God’s statue placed inside the temple where anyone can go and pray in peace. The temple is so huge that almost 200 people can sit inside that temple. Every day the monks chant and do prayers there.
  • GYUTO CLINIC: Gyuto clinic was made in 2005 with an aim to provide health and medical services to the monks and students. This place was developed to cure diseases such as Tuberculosis and many more and now the clinic has been developed to a greater extent.

Gyuto monastry


So, guys this was all about my trip to Gyuto monastery. I really enjoyed a lot and the place was so quiet and peaceful that for some minutes I totally forgot about the outer world. Really it was a great trip to both Norbulingka and Gyuto monastery. You really come to know about the culture, history, art and people of Tibet and Buddhism. If you ever visit to Dharamshala or Palampur then don’t forget to visit to these two amazing places because many of the people don’t know about these kinds of places as these places are less crowded and far from outer world. So, try to explore these places and you’ll get an idea how amazing these places are.

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